The Roster

Our professional runners are world-class athletes with impressive resumes and bright futures. The team includes: Molly Huddle, Jared Ward, Molly Seidel, Ben True, Laura Thweatt, Parker Stinson, Noah Droddy, Grayson Murphy, Sara Sutherland, Linsey Corbin and Sarah Piampiano.

Track Club

Coached by Tim Broe, the FTC is a group of young, elite athletes who train together right in our backyard, Boston; which means we get to join them for weekend long runs and post-run donuts. From the track to the marathon, this group runs it all - and excels at it. Say hello to Brian Shrader, Tim Ritchie, Helen Schlachtenhaufen, James Randon, Tommy Curtin, Skylyn Webb and Jess Teal.


Eduardo Garcia, Marcy Schwam and Saucony Champion, Rod Dixon. They all run for good. They believe in our product but, most importantly, they believe in what we stand for. Because a good day is when we run, but a better day is when we inspire someone else to run.


It all starts with our fearless leader, Saucony President Anne Cavassa. Her good leadership trickles down to the rest of the team, from product to marketing and everyone in between. We simply live out run for good in every meeting, every conversation and every mile.